I am Ric Vandett, and I am running for North Carolina Senate, District 42.  I have over 40 years in public education as a teacher, a coach, a principal, and a superintendent.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, a North Carolina Teacher-of-the-Year Finalist in 1989…but most of all, I am committed to helping ALL the people of North Carolina.
I am, “a Voice for ALL Voters.”

Why I'm Running...

I’ve been asked, “Why are you running for office?” Well, here it is. This is a picture of me talking to a kindergarten student on the first day of school in the first year I was Superintendent of Hickory Public Schools (2006). The NC General Assembly has systematically taken benefits away from teachers and resources away from students such as this precious child. So, here’s my response: “I’m Ric Vandett, and I’m running for the NC Senate to stop the General Assembly from dismantling public education and hurting our children.”